Thursday, March 26, 2009

CTA vs Illinois pensions

So the CTA may be able to avoid service cuts and fair hikes by modifying their contributions to the pension plan. But the crooks in power in Springfield have to approve any changes to the mandated payments to the pension fund. I've lost over 30% of my retirement savings. How much have the workers of the CTA or state or the teacher's unions given up during this economic meltdown? My guess is nothing.

Time to throw the bums in Springfield out and make seniors pay for their rides. That fills $40M of the $155M hole in the budget.


  1. Why should unionized state workers be penalized for your failings? They were organized and fought against the transition from company pensions to individual retirement accounts. That private sector workers didn't scream as their retirements were essentially put into the world's largest casino is not the fault of public sector workers.

  2. Obviously you are ignorant of the fact that over 55% of your pension fund is in the "world's largest casino". And since 55% of your retirement lost 30+% of its value in the last year you will just put a gun to the head of the taxpayers to get your money. The pension funds in IL are the most corrupt deal of any pensions in the US. Read up on it before you show any more ignorance.