Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Email Burris and tell him to resign

Email him. Tell him what you think of his refusal to resign.


Is anyone really surprised the slimeball won't resign?

Another new low in IL politics. Where is Bobby Rush now?

He's got $100,000 in legal bills from this? How long until he starts back room dealings to cover those costs? I predict not long.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Impeachment/recall/whatever is too good for Burris

He should be put in jail. Way to go dummy. Perjure yourself right after the gov is arrested for corruption. Trailblazer is right. Blazing trails nobody else has been stupid enough to. Yet another new low in IL politics.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Burris clams up with the media because he's a crook

This guy is such a corrupt fool. Sure, change your story 3 times. When you realize that Blago is going to start dishing dirt (like he has about adultery and hardcore drinking in Springfield) then you decide to come clean about his requests for fundraising.

Why don't you get CORRUPT chiseled into you mausoleum you jerk?


Saturday, February 14, 2009

I told you Burris was a crook with no moral compass

Gee Roland, you didn't think that it was important to disclose that Blago hit you up for money? You scumbag. You didn't say anything because you KNEW it would kill your chances of taking office.

I think the Senate should impeach his ass. This is absolute BS and further proof that Roland Burris has no moral compass and does not deserve to represent IL (or anyone) in the Senate.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It keeps getting better. Tax everyone for a "stimulus"

"Senate President John Cullerton also told the Chicago Tribune's editorial board that increased motor fuel taxes and higher vehicle fees should be considered "on the table" for what he called an Illinois "stimulus" package that would fund school construction as well as road and transit projects."

Where did these people get their economics education? Taxation is the most inefficient way of stimulating anything. And why are we using gas taxes to fund school construction. Where are my astronomical property taxes going?

"An 8-cent boost would make Illinois' tax rate an average of 58.8 cents, second only to New York's 59.7 cents."

The state also charges sales tax on gas purchases. The city adds another 5 cents and Cook County another 6. All told the gas taxes in the city would total 62 cents by my math
(Fed is 19 cents, state would be 27 cents)

Here's an idea... quit building miles of roads and highways to the suburbs or make them pay the true cost of building those roads. Leave those of us in the city out of it.

So we would have the highest sales tax AND gas tax. Chicago just keeps getting lower on the list of places I want to live.

Burris owes $1.2M but has no plans to repay it. Must be nice to have no moral compass

Stroger wants to borrow to balance the budget. Why not cut spending like the rest of us Todd? Oh, right, becuase you're and idiot

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WalMart reaping rewards for problems they partially caused

WalMart shipped millions of manufacturing jobs to China causing untold numbers of people to be unemployed. Now they are the only ones with good sales numbers in January? When will people learn?

Quit leaving your dog crap on the snow (that's on top of my yard)!!!

It should be easier to clean up after your dog in the snow. Why is it that so many idiots don't feel they have to these days? Is it going to magically disappear? No, except for what the rats can eat... thanks for helping keep the rat population up. Jerks