Sunday, March 29, 2009

Apparently the principal of Waupussy High can't read a dictionary.

There are not enough bullets in the world to prevent people like this from procreating. How in the hell did this guy make it to be principal if the doesn't even know the meaning of the word fellows? What a complete moron.

Funny to read that they already lost the fight on having their nickname be the Warriors. Us Marquette grads learned a long time ago that the Native Americans required a monopoly on that word to protect their casino investments.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Burris news (or lack thereof)

What happened to our pal Roland Burris? Why isn't he in the news lately? Better yet, why isn't he in jail or being impeached?

Speed cameras coming to IL

Don't believe it when they say that speed cameras are all about safety. It's all about revenue. What ever happened to the constitutional right to face your accuser? They "decriminalize" it as an end around the constitution.

Ever wonder why so many lives could be saved by reducing speeding? Because they artificially inflate the numbers. Speed is listed as a factor in every accident. If we all drove 5 mph there would be no deaths but that's not very practical.

I'm sick of the nanny state that taxes the hell out of us and refuses to cut services to balance the budget. They just keep inventing new ways to screw us out of our money.

CTA vs Illinois pensions

So the CTA may be able to avoid service cuts and fair hikes by modifying their contributions to the pension plan. But the crooks in power in Springfield have to approve any changes to the mandated payments to the pension fund. I've lost over 30% of my retirement savings. How much have the workers of the CTA or state or the teacher's unions given up during this economic meltdown? My guess is nothing.

Time to throw the bums in Springfield out and make seniors pay for their rides. That fills $40M of the $155M hole in the budget.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate spammers but this is an exception.

They are begging to be spammed for screwing all Chicagoans they deserve it. Vote early vote often? I say submit their feedback form early and submit it VERY often.

The parking revolt isn't just me

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally a Tribune article I agree with

IL, and Chicago in particular, is rapidly becoming an impossible place to live. Every time we turn around we pay more to get less but the pension fund just keeps on rising. I'd like to see the governor do an ROI on all spending programs. My bet is that few of the programs would pass the test.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I hate spammers is a no good spammer.

Cook County Circuit Courts - Frustrating people into submission (and paying)

I got a ticket for an illegal u-turn. 10am in the city. Virtually no traffic but whatever. It said it would take 7-10 days to get a response and get my license back. Instead it took 3 weeks for them to return my check since it was made out incorrectly and, oh by the way you didn't pay for traffic school. No mention of how much I needed to pay for the traffic school option. I was a day or two late getting it back to them so, of course, they were johnny on the spot finding me guilty. Now I have to appear before 8am Monday-Thursday and pay an extra $45 to vacate the judgment and get a court date. Thanks. It's fine that you guys took an extra week to open my mail but if I'm one day late I'm screwed.

I'd like to fuck Dorothy Brown in the ass with a red hot poker. Chicago red tape at its finest.

Fuck this city, fuck the Olympics, fuck Daley, fuck Stroger and definitely fuck you Dorothy, you bitch.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Tribune staff/editorial board is a bunch of idiots

Hey Tribune staff:
Here's a novel idea. Endorse someone besides a Democrat for the election. You are part of the problem. Sending Quigley to congress also leaves this city and county with one less (reasonably) moral representative.

The Tribune perpetuates the situation then complains about it. Duh! I guess you're not REALLY for change, you just think it would be nice if it miraculously happened.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another reason the drug war is stupid

"--More than a third of homicide victims had alcohol in their system, while only 3 percent showed traces of "hard drugs" like heroin or cocaine in their blood."

Yet we spend BILLIONS on the war against drugs. Legalize them, tax them and we'll be able to lower taxes on other things.

Parking meter rate increase -- REVOLT NOW!

I just spent $2 to park by DePaul. A couple of weeks ago parking for the same duration cost just $0.50. Thanks LAZ parking! Bastards! So I am now on a mission to increase their costs. My proposal: load up the meters with pennies. The newer meters don't have a coin return and don't give any time for anything but quarters. If everyone out there starts stuffing them with pennies (and nickels) then the meters will fill up faster and the people who empty them will be hauling lots of worthless pennies instead of quarters. Who doesn't have a bunch of pennies in their car that are just taking up space? Finally the lowly penny will work for us.

Start a penny revolution and stick it to LAZ parking for stealing the 75 year lease at bargain (corrupt) prices.

Why are there so many idiots out there that can't spell "lose" correctly?

Is it really so hard? I swear, every single time I read comments on a news story I see some idiot talk about "loosing" something, loosers, or someone about to "loose" their job. Really! A bolt is loose you retards. You would lose your job if you couldn't figure out how to spell such an easy word.