Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cook County Circuit Courts - Frustrating people into submission (and paying)

I got a ticket for an illegal u-turn. 10am in the city. Virtually no traffic but whatever. It said it would take 7-10 days to get a response and get my license back. Instead it took 3 weeks for them to return my check since it was made out incorrectly and, oh by the way you didn't pay for traffic school. No mention of how much I needed to pay for the traffic school option. I was a day or two late getting it back to them so, of course, they were johnny on the spot finding me guilty. Now I have to appear before 8am Monday-Thursday and pay an extra $45 to vacate the judgment and get a court date. Thanks. It's fine that you guys took an extra week to open my mail but if I'm one day late I'm screwed.

I'd like to fuck Dorothy Brown in the ass with a red hot poker. Chicago red tape at its finest.

Fuck this city, fuck the Olympics, fuck Daley, fuck Stroger and definitely fuck you Dorothy, you bitch.

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