Monday, February 9, 2009

It keeps getting better. Tax everyone for a "stimulus"

"Senate President John Cullerton also told the Chicago Tribune's editorial board that increased motor fuel taxes and higher vehicle fees should be considered "on the table" for what he called an Illinois "stimulus" package that would fund school construction as well as road and transit projects."

Where did these people get their economics education? Taxation is the most inefficient way of stimulating anything. And why are we using gas taxes to fund school construction. Where are my astronomical property taxes going?

"An 8-cent boost would make Illinois' tax rate an average of 58.8 cents, second only to New York's 59.7 cents."

The state also charges sales tax on gas purchases. The city adds another 5 cents and Cook County another 6. All told the gas taxes in the city would total 62 cents by my math
(Fed is 19 cents, state would be 27 cents)

Here's an idea... quit building miles of roads and highways to the suburbs or make them pay the true cost of building those roads. Leave those of us in the city out of it.

So we would have the highest sales tax AND gas tax. Chicago just keeps getting lower on the list of places I want to live.

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