Wednesday, January 28, 2009

City ordinances = revenue, NOT quality of life

Having recently started training for the St Louis marathon in April I noticed that the city seems much more concerned with passing and enforcing ordinances that are strictly revenue generators and do NOTHING to improve the quality of life for residents than in passing meaningful ordinances to benefit the residents. I challenge you to walk a full city block without encountering some idiot’s walk that hasn’t been shoveled yet this year. It’s dangerous and makes it extremely difficult to get around (impossible for disabled people). How is it that the city can ticket my car in a zoned parking area when I was the ONLY car on the street but it can’t figure out how to induce people to keep their walks clear. Some common sense by the department of revenue would go a long way to quelling the revolt that’s brewing.

I can only assume that we need more ticket writers to pay for the 3 “traffic maids” I saw standing on one corner talking. Those people do more harm than good. I can only assume that they are required to blindly vote the party lines to get those jobs…

Here’s an idea: take the ticket writers and give them something productive to do (like enforcing a snow removal ordinance) and tell them to use some common sense regarding parking then fire all of the “traffic maids”. I’m sure it will be a net positive for the city.

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