Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Parking meter rate increase -- REVOLT NOW!

I just spent $2 to park by DePaul. A couple of weeks ago parking for the same duration cost just $0.50. Thanks LAZ parking! Bastards! So I am now on a mission to increase their costs. My proposal: load up the meters with pennies. The newer meters don't have a coin return and don't give any time for anything but quarters. If everyone out there starts stuffing them with pennies (and nickels) then the meters will fill up faster and the people who empty them will be hauling lots of worthless pennies instead of quarters. Who doesn't have a bunch of pennies in their car that are just taking up space? Finally the lowly penny will work for us.

Start a penny revolution and stick it to LAZ parking for stealing the 75 year lease at bargain (corrupt) prices.

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